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Wheelhouse Entertainment is a multi-faceted media and entertainment company founded by producer and entrepreneur Brent Montgomery. Ed Simpson serves as Chief Strategy Officer. With offices currently operating in New York and Los Angeles, Wheelhouse creates content and marketing opportunities across multiple businesses and platforms, forging talent-driven partnerships and “360 businesses” in which the company also invests, and which it helps manage.

Under the Wheelhouse Entertainment banner is also Spoke Studios, the company’s first production label. Creating engaging, provocative and talent-driven content across a variety of platforms, Spoke Studios programming explores unique points of view and spotlights extraordinary worlds, dynamic characters and human ingenuity. Spoke Studios also has entered into a production partnership with entertainment group ITV America, with the companies collaborating on a range of unscripted series and projects to be produced by ITV America’s in-house production team (Montgomery’s previous independent company, Leftfield Entertainment, was sold for $360 million in 2014 to ITV; he subsequently served as ITV America CEO before launching Wheelhouse Entertainment in January 2018).

Montgomery serves as CEO of Wheelhouse Entertainment, part of the Wheelhouse Group of companies. Working alongside Montgomery is Ed Simpson, chief strategy officer at Wheelhouse Entertainment. Simpson previously served as executive vice president, business development & international, at ITV America, and headed mergers and acquisitions, and business development at Leftfield Entertainment. Wheelhouse Entertainment also employs top-tier operations and finance teams, with additional divisions and staff to be announced shortly..

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